Preventive Maintenance Tips to reduce Homeowners Insurance claims in Texas

Due to the recent rising home insurance rates we recommend Fall home maintenance tasks to do. Preventive Maintenance Tips to reduce Homeowners Insurance rates in Texas.
Get your furnace checked out
Can’t remember the last time it was serviced? Have an HVAC contractor take a look and make sure it’s still running efficiently. See the average cost for a servicing or request a quote today. Find an HVAC pro
Prepare your lawn for next spring
Get greener and thicker grass next year by aerating and fertilizing your lawn now. See the average cost of lawn care or get free quotes from a few local pros. Find a lawn pro
Trim hedges and trees in the late fall
Prune dead branches to prevent them from falling during storms and promote fresh growth in the spring. See the average cost for a tree service or request a quote today. Find a tree service
Clean your gutters and downspouts
Clear out any fallen leaves and other debris that may cause clogs. See the average cost for hiring a pro or request a quote today. Find a gutter cleaner
Clean your chimney flue
Especially if it’s been a few years, since soot build up can create a fire hazard. See the average cost for a chimney sweeper or request a quote today. Find a chimney sweeper

Make roof repairs
Check for missing or damaged shingles or tiles—don’t wait to discover a leak when water is dripping through the ceiling
Cost: $200–600 for inspection (depending on roof size); get multiple bids for repair or replacement

Repair siding
Inspect exterior siding for damage. Repair any cracks or broken areas to seal out moisture during storms. Use caulking compound to fill narrow cracks around windows and doors. To learn more, see DIY guide to siding repairs or hire a siding contractor.

Seal and repair foundation cracks
Cracks in your house’s foundation can let moisture into the basement, resulting in mold, mildew, or flooding. Learn how to keep your basement dry in this related article: DIY or hire a pro? Your basement waterproofing questions: answered.

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